Our fundamental focus to provide a tourism product values the authentic experience over the contrived, and one that is sustainable both environmentally and culturally.

We are committed to the basic environmental approaches: Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle.

Wherever possible we source our products locally. We use passively harvested tank water and environmentally friendly cleaning and kitchen products. The entire resort uses energy saving light fittings – even in the garden. Three Ozzie clean bio systems have been installed for our waste.

All our rooms have been designed to capture the tropical breezes with wooden slated cyclone proof windows allow cross ventilation and thereby reducing electricity consumption.

Restaurant 1606 supports local farmers by creating a seasonal menu incorporating food that can be sourced from the local markets, which has the double benefit of reducing travel miles on food and bringing financial reward to local families.

We care about our world, and the communities that surround us.

We strive daily to have a positive impact on the Ni Vanuatu, who are our gracious hosts and to give you an experience that will be of mutual benefit to yourselves and the Ni Vanuatu.

We believe in a type of travel that benefits everyone and has no negative impact the host country.

Come and witness a new and exciting way to experience cultural exchange and the physical wonders of Espiritu Santo.

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