Champagne Beach & Port Orly

Champagne Beach

Picture this!

A lagoon filled with effervescent water that resembles champagne at low tide... White powdery sand and crystal clear turquoise water.

Natures shaped the coastline like an old fashioned champagne flute. The sea is flat and shallow and the water crystal clean.

Champagne Beach lies on the east coast of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, accessible by a smooth, sealed road.

Take a relaxing drive of 45 minutes from Luganville; take in the beauty of coconut plantations, cows, villages and local people waving happily as you drive by.

Where did that name come from?

Port Orly

Port Orly is the largest Francophone (French speaking) Village in Vanuatu.

A statue of Mother Mary nestled into a large tree on the right hand side of the road gives the signal you’re in Port Orly.

No one can give you the exact date the historical figure was placed there, they just say "Long taem".

Mass is held there every Easter.

Port Orly is stunning, a white sandy beach, clam aqua blue water, small islands off the shore line and a quiet village.

St Annes, the old Catholic Church watches over the village and out to sea, this is a very special place, indeed!

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