About Us

With a focus on sustainable tourism which benefits the local community and forms our ETHOS we look forward to welcoming you to our village within a village.

Village de Santo Resort and Restaurant 1606 is a Family owned and operated business. Husband and wife team Beverley (Australian) Nabil (Egyptian) and of course, their local family (the staff).

This Dynamic couple developed this successful business from its start in 2009.

Bev’s creative flare and energy is infectious. Nabil’s vast experience in business management and Floating hotels / Restaurants around the world has brought to Santo, the taste of the exotic.

Not content to be Hoteliers’ both Bev and Nabil are involved in the Community of Santo. Read in the: About section under Ethos, Community Projects, Music Projects and Our Staff.

Just chat to this amazing couple and you will find out more about the work they continue to do on a weekly basis.
If you seek to have an experience rather than being a tourist Village de Santo Resort is the place to start.

The Boss and Misis place tremendous importance on integrating the resort within the local community and working with local Ni Vanuatu in a harmonious relationship. So while you can look forward to enjoying all the delights the island has to offer you can also feel good knowing that your stay here will benefit our entire community.

Lukem yu



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